A massif, emblem of the changes in progress

Mont Blanc, by the diversity of its altitudes, climates and landscapes, has attracted scientists and the curious for centuries. Today, the changes are so rapid and visible that the massif has become an invitation to reflect on our future, human and nature combined at last.

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Why a Mont-Blanc Atlas

Numerous scientific studies, of all disciplines, are conducted in the massif, including those of the CREA Mont-Blanc in alpine ecology. The ambitions of the Mont-Blanc Atlas are to restore this scientific diversity and to show the functioning of life and its evolution, in the form of indicators or synthetic analyses.

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Photo du massif du mont blanc

10 min to understand a moving massif

Synthèse globale de l’impact du changement climatique sur les milieux naturels

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Key indicators

Temperature deviation

Greenery indicators



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Days with snow on the ground